There has never been a better time to call Santa Barbara home.

The strength of our community has been demonstrated over and over again.

We are proud to be a part of this strength.


Our Beginning


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"I want to Thank You for sharing a cookie with my family. I appreciate the gesture and the message." — ABE

"Free love free cookies pay it forward and bring joy !!! U r amazing bought a lady groceries today at market ... changing lives one day at a time !!!" -CooCooMom

iamvioletsea - I accidentally tore the note that came with the cookie I received today at @sb_earthday! It truly made my day! But not just bc it was a cookie, but bc of what I read! @sbcookiecrusade Two ladies, Michelle Damiani & Jennifer Johnson, started this cookie delivery with the mission of showering some smiles to our beautiful Santa Barbara community in light of the recent fire and debris flow impacts. And truth be told, one sweet deed goes a long way! These amazing ladies expect nothing in return. Just a tag to the SB Cookie Crusade and if you so desire, a donation to a local relief fund. Bravo ladies!!! And THANK YOU!!! #cookiesforsmiles #santabarbara #cookiecrusade #bakingsmiles

Bringing Smiles One Cookie at a Time

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SBCookieCrusade on Instagram

9 out of 10 doctors recommend
a cookie a day
to keep the frowns away!
Don't you agree?
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Meet the Bakers

Jennifer Johnson & Michelle Damiani

run the ovens behind the crusade.